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Hydrographic Water Transfer Printing Film Activator. Quality activator is one of the most important elements in producing a high quality, professional Hydrographic transfer. Our activator is professional grade and used by commercial processors. This activator has also been specially formulated for our films, giving you consistent results and a vibrant image.

Water Transfer Printing Matte Clear This matte finish clear coat is a high-quality automotive-grade clear used by professionals in the Hydrographic industry. It is perfect for almost any application where you don't need, or don't want, a shiny, reflective finish. It looks excellent with camo on bows, rifles, knives, etc. It's also impressive on automobile interior pieces, engine accents, ATV parts, cellphones and computer cases. The possibilities are limited only by imagination! It is important to note that this matte finish clear coat does require hardener, which IS included at NO extra cost and shipped with the product. Also included, is a ratio guide to achieve the perfect mix of hardener and clear, and mixing instructions to assure proper blending of components.

Silicone Grip Clear Coat This specially formulated clear coat has a low shine quality perfect for camouflage finishes. In addition, its unique properties as a "Silicone Grip" Clear ensure that, after a part is sprayed and dried, it will have a rubbery, silicone feel to it. It's also important to note that the silicone-like qualities of this clear intensify with every application of the product. One coat will give you a significantly more slip-resistant feel; two coats will leave it feeling like a slightly thicker piece of silicone, etc. This clear requires hardener to be mixed with it just prior to spraying. The hardener IS included at NO extra cost, and is supplied with instructions regarding the proper ratio and mixing instructions.

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