Hydrographic Paint

Water Based Hydrographic Paint - These products are specifically formulated for the water transfer printing process by Liquid Print, and, since they are solvent-free and water-based, they have several benefits: A 2 Year Dip Window. Yes you read that right. Plus, you'll notice superior image transfers. Enjoy faster curing times, so you can touch a dipped part right away; the print won’t rub off. If your dip did not turn out well, or have a missed area and want to redecorate the part, as soon as the part is dry, you can re-base paint the part, and dip again. With solvent-based paints, such as automotive, you have a real danger of the solvents in the activator making the paint too soft and the print sliding off. No problem here. And easy gun clean up. Just use water. No horrible paint odor! More environmentally friendly, because they’re water-based, not solvent based. Finally, costs are significantly less than traditional solvent based paints.

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